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In pursuit of a woman, my heart took flight,

As she embodied my interest, shining bright.

Thinking it was a yes from God’s divine sight,

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I admired her acceptance, her care, day and night.

To know her better, her loved ones I’d explore,

Excitement filled me as I opened each door.

But after a while, something shifted, I could see,

Boundaries arose, her communication grew weak.

Months passed by, the scenario unclear,

Until she revealed another suitor drawing near.

Seeking her hand, he approached her parents with grace,

My heart sank, it was time to step back and embrace.

Sadness consumed me as I chose to let go,

To move on, my story with her had no happy glow.

Yet in this journey, God had wisdom to bestow,

Teaching me the virtues of patience and love’s ebb and flow.

Waiting is not easy, it tests our souls,

But God’s lessons reveal the path that unfolds.

Love may not always yield the desired end,

But trusting in Him, our hearts can still mend.

So I learned to be patient, to wait for His plan,

To trust in His timing, to rest in His hand.

For in the realm of love, His wisdom is vast,

And in His teachings, true happiness will last.

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