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The story of you & me was like forever.

We have our own way of saying I love you. We have our handshake. We compliment each other – and that’s what looks us a perfect couple. We plan everything ahead of time, when something comes up, we talk about it real time. We explain each other’s side, we fight but we talk after. We say sorry. We make up, and that’s how we handled the relationship.

You & Me were the same, we both alpha and we both guide each other. We never cared about what people say. We both stick with what we have. And we were happy.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

We had those Raiders Night, our own fave drink in our very fave coffee shop. Photos of you & me , videos while you’re sleeping. Videos when we cuddle. Those random video calls. Those times I call you even when you were with your friends.

When I was always there beside you. Where people see us like no one will ever tear us apart. Where a lot of ‘em says “iba din pag kayo talaga, babalik at babalik sya sayo”.

It was a tough battle, fighting for a relationship, for a man that you really love. Not everyone knows that with all good vibes they see in us, there’s something going on that we both try to deal with to have this relationship goin’. That’s where I believed “sa una lang naman masaya”.

We fight because of side chicks – even if I’m not your main chick, you said I’m your soon to be wifey. I trusted you over & over again. A lot of people said “Ang tanga mo, ang dami naman jan. Itigil mo na, wla ka mapapala diyan”. But I was the person who sees the good in you even if people sees how asshole you were to me. I always tell them, they don’t know how you treat me, how you loved & cared for me. It was like me & you against the world.

I surrendered the battle when I had enough, when I felt that from Ride or Die, or from me & you against the world – I got nothing but myself and the love that I had for you. I thought you were there to keep us fighting for each other and for our relationship because that’s what we chose to do since day 1. You let me fight on my own and you did what you wanted to do.

I will be forever grateful for the story of me & you. I never knew I would love a man that much. I never knew myself giving 100% best shot since day 1 to make a person happy. I will never know myself more and I will never learn what’s self love is, if our story didn’t exist. It may not be a happy ending story, but a smile on my face marks to everyone who asks me about what we had. I will be selfish if I insist to get you out off my life ‘cause Like I said, you will always have a big part of me. It will always be impossible for me to forget everything, because this is where I started to love myself more than anyone else. Self love helped me to move on and to bring back the happiness I have in me after a huge space has left my heart after the breakup.  I might stop at times if I remember something about you, I might miss you but that doesn’t mean I always want you back.

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