I miss those times we walk late, staring at the night sky and waiting for falling stars — just like how I stare at you and still fall for you.
I miss those deep conversations we had just like how deep my feelings are.
I miss your smiles, the same smile you gave me when I first saw you —so genuine.
I miss those times you hold my hand, just like how I trust you—so tight.
I miss those times we’re together, sitting and thinking how blessed we are for having that moment.
I miss those warm hugs you gave me, like how warm our hearts are.
I miss how you played with my hair and still managed to fix it.
I miss how you make time for me, I felt like I’m so valuable to you.
But I don’t miss the time you finally realized that we can’t be together.
I don’t miss the time how you frankly said that you no longer need me.
I don’t miss the time I burst out crying in front of you trying every reason I can make just for you to stay.
I don’t miss the time I was ignored by the person whom I always prioritize.
Every night, I tried different kinds of cry.
Every night, I tried different ways of overthinking.
Every night, I tried questioning myself — what’s wrong with me?
Every night, I ask myself how unworthy I am, how careless I am, how unloving I am.
But realizations came and hit me really hard.
I’m drowning with my own thoughts.
I forgot that it’s fine to be in pain and its normal to be hurt.
I forgot the happiness I should have felt and I realize it is not you who can give it to me.
I forgot my worth — a worth that is so precious that you can’t handle.
I forgot what I deserve — I do not deserve you.
I realized that not everything I like is good for me.
I found out that pain is temporary and grace is unlimited.
I found my worth.
I found unconditional love.
I found hope and strength.
I found God, yet He already sees me.
I’m amazed how God turned a broken piece into a beautiful artwork.
I love how God placed me back to where my right path is.
I understood that losing you is finding God.
I realized I missed myself when I had you.
I miss you but