At this moment, I am at 16th floor of uptown building taguig lying my back to one of the coziest nap room my company has.

ATM also marks my 3-month break up with my first boyfriend and fun fact! we are workmate and we see each other almost everday!. I dont want to make this a bitter letter but there is no way i can think of it as not.

Rebound. I knew it even before our relationship starts, but i take a risk. I feel it all the time when we were together but i ignore it. Is the cliche Love is blind will ever fade? I dont think so. Love is Pain, they can never go wrong. They are partners in crime and we are just the victims.

We both take the risk and everything fall into place. We even thought that we are blessed and lucky for being in a relationship in that fast span of time. I never felt that kind of feelings before and it honestly the best thing that ever happen to me.

You are my first love. Yes, you are. Deep inside my feelings for you is what make my mind shallow. You invaded every brain cells here, I didnt mind because I was infected by your Love virus.

Now that you have returned from your first love, where am I going now? I am left with nothing. I walk to nowhere, no goals and life. You have taken all that is in me. I became a lifeless fungus, bacterium or a victim of Love and Pain.

A hundred dollar question now lies in bewilderment. What will happen next?. I hope to find an answers on tears I shed everynight. I see the darkness eats me from inside and I let them. There is no way out.

Then I see one. There comes the daylight. It did not mind what I have gone through last night, what terrible path Ive crossed. For as long as it shines in the morning like making love without nothing at all kind of song. It will shine whether the darkness eats you from within or drowned yourself to tears. It will just rise naturally.

And then there I found the answer. I will rise naturally like a fart that comes out of one’s butt. I will be okay whether I like it or not. Time will guide me to the rising sunshine. Like everyone who have gone from the deepest misery to the shallow QC to Makati LDR relationships, I will be okay whether I like it or not.

I am a Rebound, and from my next bounce I will jump as high as the sun rise. The ring is waiting for me and I will be ready.

Sincerely Yours,

The Rebound girl 🙂