I Shall No Longer…


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I am well aware that both of us now reside in an inevitable reality. We have a variety of aspirations that we want to accomplish to become a better version of ourselves, such as achieving success, improving our quality of life, and working toward our goals for the future.

The thought of you always fills me with delight, like a swarm of butterflies swirling in my stomach. Whenever a memory arises in my consciousness like yours, undeniably, you immediately come to mind. I know no matter how much distance we may have grown, I will never forget the joy you brought into my life. I am grateful for the experiences we shared since they taught me a lot and gave me memories I will always cherish. It introduced me to a new level of love that I deserve and taught me the standards I ought to have for myself. Even though an ocean separates us, I hope everything is going well for you. Every wave that the sea creates also brings a wave of memories of us that will never leave my head.

But this time, it’s already alright for me when the time arrives if we never bump into each other again; it will be good to let everything remain engraved in our memory. I shall no longer look forward to meeting you since I am happy that everything will continue to exist in my head even after we have parted ways. I shall no longer bid you farewell; it would be fine if we spent the rest of our lives as strangers forever.

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