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I was afraid to fall in love again. But when you came, I gladly took the risk. I used to think that you were just a friend. I knew that it was wrong. I allowed you to enter my fragile heart and create a feeling that I couldn’t get over. I fell for your words. I fell for your personality. I fell for your constant smiles and concern. I was not that careful enough to realize that I am putting myself in a worse situation. The uncertainty of you and me causes me pain. Why does it have to be this way? Why do I feel this for you? I wish I could choose to walk away. Because every time I don’t, I almost do.

Without a warning, what we used to have starts to fade. Little by little, you became cold and far away. I can’t seem to understand why you did it. I wanted to ask you.  I wanted to reach out to you. But just like the wind, you already vanished. I never heard any explanation. I never heard your response. It just happened, though I didn’t want it to end. I was hurt. Maybe because I have invested too much emotions, even though I know it will lead to nothing. What happened to you?

I thought you were the one, but now you’re gone. In a short period of time that I knew you, my feelings grew deeper without realizing that I have already given my heart that easily. Too bad, you cannot even reciprocate my feelings. I guess this is the end. I want to stop thinking and dreaming about you. But why do I find myself clinging to you? As you left without any hesitation, my heart was still full of affection. So now I’ll stop. And because you chose to be out of my life, I’ll also choose to leave everything behind. I may not know the reason why, but maybe this is the time that all my feelings for you must die.

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