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May you hear these words in His perfect timing.

How wonderful it is to hear these words.

Words of sincerity.

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Words of patience.

Words of love.

Words that could touch the deepest part of your heart.

Words that you deserve to hear.

If someday you will be hearing these words from someone, I pray that you will have a discernment from God to see its genuinity. Sometimes you feel unworthy for this because of your unpleasant past; nevertheless, you still deserve to be pursued and loved.

Let me tell you this my dear sister. God is preparing a man for you who is not in haste in pursuing you. He is really willing to wait no matter how long it takes. He will patiently wait for the go signal from God when you are totally ready to be pursued. All he can do for now is to pray, wait and trust. This man loves to see you grow more in Jesus. He respects your blessed singleness season and he wants you to enjoy it to experience more of Him.

He is the man that will surely pursue you despite of who you are. He will embrace your wounds and scars without any reservations. He will still love you at your darkest. Moreover, He already anticipates the hardships and heartaches along the way in pursuing you yet he will always be persistent and willing to sacrifice. He is praying hard to understand your heart. He will still wait and pursue you for God is His mighty Partner. He will be pursuing you with faith and prayers.

You are very special to him for he sees you to be his future wife. There’s joy in his heart hoping that someday both of you will be together in serving and loving the Lord. He wants to establish with you a Heavenward relationship that will glorify God and make souls closer to Him.

As he draws more closer to Christ, he is seeing how precious your heart is that He is afraid of breaking it. He wants you to feel more the love of Christ through him. His heart desires to be loyal and faithful not just for his God but also for you. This is his covenant.

He is loving his Christ more and serving him with his whole heart while waiting for you. He is reserving his sincere and pure heart just for you.

Don’t settle for less. You are worth waiting, pursuing and praying for.

Don’t’ worry He will still pursue you when the the time is right.

His love for you is not just on mere feelings but it is deeply rooted in Christ.

You are always in his prayers.

For Him you are not just a blessing but also life.

God is still molding both of you to become the best version of yourselves. And when the time is right, the Lord will make it happen (Isaiah 60:22).

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