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I’d rather sleep early, than to have midnight chat with you.


I’d rather read books and write stories, than to secretly stalk your account on social media.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:


I’d rather choose not to be friends with you and be quiet forever, than do the first move.


I’d rather explore things by myself for now, than to be with you and missed both half of our lives.


I’d rather choose to be alone in this season, than to have you for a short time.


I’d rather remain unnoticed, than to work things out with my own hands, than to regret everything and get hurt in the end.


I’d rather spend more time with my family and friends, than to spend and waste my time with with the wrong person.


I’d rather choose to be out of style and stay pure than to be “in” in the wrong things.


I’d rather choose what is sure and consistent,


I’d rather enjoy the process,


I’d rather be secured,


I’d rather choose to wait.


Even if it means avoiding you.


Even if it means saying “no” to you.


I may not understand,





I’d rather and will always choose His ways

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