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When we were together, there were many times you have pushed me away. Many times that you threatened me that you will leave me. But I fought and I felt even happier for staying inlove with you. Now you have more reasons to leave and not to stay. It is not a threat anymore, but a reality, I lost you already. But what is the good of my principle that I fought for, the right thing that I know I had to do, if it were not for my future. And the future that I dreamed of is a life with a wife so caring to me and so devoted to God. So if you chose to leave, I’d rather stay. I’ll stay here in this dream that we had, or rather dream that I have I should say. I don’t care if it is only me in this journey, if I am on this side of the track. I chose to stay in love. I chose to stay devoted to God and trusting Him. I chose to go on even by myself, because I know God will help me. And I chose to get back on track, get back to my dream. And when I succeeded over this test, I always believe that there’s a rainbow after the rain. God will bless me, and whatever blessings He had laid in store for me, I will gladly accept. It may be you, it may not be you. But if I have the chance to choose, I will choose you.

But let me tell you this, I don’t want you to be in agony. I never wanted to hurt you. If I made you cry a thousand times, it might not because of the hurt you feel because I left you. It might be because of the contentment and realness of the love you had for me that is not wasted. You never wasted your love for me, because that love made me who I am. That love that you had for me before made me stronger and more firm in my faith. And if you choose to set aside your love for me, because you have to do it for a greater cause, I admire you even more. And that admiration certainly will not develop into another kind of love for you, but respect for you and for your courageous decision.

I accepted my defeat. But I will stand strong. I will face life ahead of me. If you cannot love me anymore, I just ask one thing from you. Please pray for me. It will help me a lot. Thank you for everything. I will never forget you.

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