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If I have one week left to live

I’d reminisce my life long journey and ask what on earth am I here for?

I’d set a rule to be grateful in everything throughout the day.
That means, no complaints even if the traffic runs so slow. In that case, I’d spend my time smiling on every person I get to face, even if I couldn’t get it in return. I’d be thankful for the sunshine and the rain, for my cute little puppy even when my slippers were torn to shred, for the kittens and the birds, for the beautiful roses and flower beds. I’d be grateful to be alive even just for another day. I’d be thankful that I get to meet different kinds of people with different kinds of personalities so then life is not so dull. I’d be thankful for my Heavenly Father for giving me the greatest gift of all, and that is my Jesus.

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I’d wash my parents’ feet and tell them I love them and thank them for bringing me out in this world and for raising me to the best of their abilities. I may never know how much sacrifice they were willing to give just so they could love me and help me become what I am today. I’d express my thanks for telling me about Jesus since I was a little girl.

I’d tell every person I meet how we can get to heaven even if our bodies die and turn to ashes. I’d tell you how God’s justice and mercy met at the cross, and that you can receive the gift of salvation by Jesus Christ alone, and by faith in His marvelous sacrifice at the cross. That your sins are paid by His precious blood, and that He rose again to give you eternal life, that you can do this by humbling yourself before the Lord and admitting that your efforts are not enough for we humans cannot save ourselves, again, only by trusting in Jesus Christ’s finished work at the Calvary alone. For He is The Way, The Truth and The Life and no one comes to the Father except through Him.

I’d tell God with my last breath, “Thank you LORD for the gift of life.”

How I wish I could live my life as though i had one week left or like it is my last day so I could live my life at its best.

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