i’m letting my feelings go. i’m not letting it grow further, rendering uncontrollability. not because i failed to grasp the entirety of your worth. but because your worth does not equate to what unworthiness i possess.

i’m letting my feelings go because i value our friendship. along the little enormity we shared, i saw that your heart was that of a child’s innocent wonder for a snow globe. so pretty yet so fragile, unfit to be held by some filthy imperfection.

i’m letting my feelings go, even if giving up signifies that i lost. for i have become wary of feeding on my deceptions; a foolish feat of wanting someone i can never have.

how i wish you were just another unexpected mishap; a sudden infatuation. i’ve become obsessed but i don’t know a thing about what i’m obsessing. maybe it’s you, or it could be the feeling. i don’t know.

but most importantly, i’m letting go of these feelings, because i’ve come to realize that the hardest part of wanting things to continue, is hating things to end.

i get too easily attached that the idea frightens me a lot.