It started on a dating app.


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take me back
to the time
I recklessly
swiped it right
as how
it matches yours;
back to
the late night
where I purposely
say goodnight
to escape
and heal
the fear
of the unknown.

give me time
not to think
about ‘what ifs’-
on what might
comes next-
that this isn’t just
and everything
will gonna be alright.

each night
you call,
& that’s where
everything tends
to fall
into place
with those
I didn’t expect.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

thank you
for each
creative piece
you made-
myriad of
with courage,
twisting words,
and innumerable lines,
for each
you never
ran out of words
and sweet rhymes.

there’s always a risk,
a bet
for loneliness,
& happiness.
there’s no rewind
nor replay;
On a serious note,
be brave
be happy
be healthy
no overthinking
be blessed
& be a blessing to others
as always.

They say it’s unbelievable how someone you’ve known for weeks & months can mean so much more than someone you knew for years.

On the fourth week of August year twenty nineteen, there’s a girl who met a boy via dating app. This boy exerts a lot of effort by constructing long messages, sharing & updating this strange lil’ girl about his private life. Until one night, the boy found out that this lil’ girl loves trekking & hiking mountains, they found out that they speak the same language & that’s when everything happened so fast and it all started in just a blink of an eye. Until those chit-chats caused’ sleepless nights and that’s where good morning & good night messages started. This lil girl replied late on his messages. There were times where she can’t answer those text messages, audio & video calls and that’s when she noticed how clingy the boy is. The boy noticed how she always make excuses & reasons. This lil girl somehow felt scared of what might gonna happen next because she knew that everything’s just temporary and it’s just for leisure time. She’s afraid. Afraid of promises, deep conversations, & “Hello’s” that will vanish into thin air in a span of months or weeks. She’s afraid that chasm of loneliness & longingness will gonna chase her. So, she goes with the flow, expecting that it would only take 1-2 months but it didn’t. This lil girl said it’s annoying but deep inside she find it cute & sweet. ❤️

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