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I don’t want to seem desperate but I just feel like I have to say this so I can peacefully sleep at night from now on. Honestly, you’re the first person I met that I really, really, like talking to. IDK if it’s just me or you felt it to, but we spoke the same language. I’ve been alone in my little world for the longest time to know that I liked you for real. When I met you, I felt alive again and I looked forward to waking up each day again.

I just want you to know that I’m okay with us being just friends, even though it won’t be easy for me with all these feelings involved. But I know deep inside that we can’t be together now because of how things are, and it’s for the best.

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So, I’m just letting you know that I’m glad we met at one of the strangest moments in my life amidst all of these mess and I hope I would soon get over the hope that we’ll even be together as more than friends. Just know that I’ll always be here at the same place where you left me.

Love, B.

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