1. Wag maging pabebe at immature palagi. Know when to make lambing.

2. Don’t let your partner feel insecurities. Let him feel na ang victories mo ay victories din nya. Ang problems nya ay parang problems mo na din (empathize).

3. Do not overpraise him or think too highly of him because ang tendency is mappressure sya and he doesn’t like that feeling. Padama mo sa kanya na even if he fails, he has your back and that you will always support him only sa mga bagay na makabubuti para sa kanya.

4. If there is something wrong, don’t just ignore it and act like everything’s fine like you’re thinking na kalimutan na lang ‘yon. Don’t be afraid of confrontations. It is necessary to talk about it and always remember during confrontations, you speak in love and with respect pa rin sa partner mo. Be honest with what you feel and think about.

5. Pag LDR, always maintain a communication. Wag pabaya. If busy lagi, set a schedule kung kailan kayo magkakaroon g quality time. Be intentional and consistent in following it.

6. Don’t make lots of surprises. Avoid it or else, ikaw ang masusurprise.

7. Don’t do certain things that would make your partner overthink. And to you na nag-ooverthink, it’s best to ask and talk to your partner than formulating hypotheses. Hindi ka professional scientist.

8. Know your worth. If your partner decides to leave, do not hold on and sound desperate when asking him a chance to stay. Learn to let go with your head held high.