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Letting go means you’re too strong so you had to take a rest. you’re too tired for fighting the battle alone. YOU HAVE TO LOSE PEOLPLE TO FIND BETTER ONES. But one thing will hurt the most is when you two stop talking but you still have those memories. its like you’re wounded and healed but there is a scar that reminds of it. Letting go hurts— it will not be easy. however, it is the only way for us to escape from sadness and pain. There are things na hanggang don na talaga— kahit anong pilit niyo kung hindi talaga kayo,hindi talaga.there are times na mas iniisip mo na yung kapakanan niya at napapabayaan mo yung sarili mo and thats bad. sometimes kailangan mong unahin ang sarili mo— you need to be selfish sometimes kase kung patuloy mo lang inuubos ang sarili mo sa taong wala naman balak buoin ka mas mabuti nang bumitaw nalang

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