Letting you go – Setting me free


I liked you from the beginning but lo and behold now it’s ending

When things didn’t even start

You came in and caused a ripple in my heart

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You seemed to know the magic – 

Making me feel like this love affair wouldn’t be so tragic

My whole world didn’t feel like it was hanging from a piece of thread, it felt like safety even as i delved into this uncertainty – i was blinded with every word you said

your sweet words were poison I’d gladly take, 

i was so intoxicated that i almost placed everything at stake 

Like Snow White biting into that apple, so was i ready to take risks for you

Not knowing i bit off more than i could chew

You know very well what made me undone

And you know i was too weak to imagine when you’re gone

You had every advantage; with just a snap

You always had me back

Even through uncertainty i tried to coax myself to see, deep within the years a happy ending between you and me

This kept me going, even if all the red flags are showing

But now, i am simply too tired to continue

what use is it to fight  when the person you’ve loved isn’t even sure of you 

I ran after you but you were always four steps ahead; chasing after you made you run faster away from me instead

 I don’t know where i was wrong along the way

But it would be best if now, you and i part ways

Before I’m all empty for in the end you wouldn’t even stay.

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