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We are the wolves that howl in the night.
The sword and shield of a dauntless knight.     
 The birds that soar through the aether.         Always there, and always together.                         We were never wrong in our frivolities,                Like after a heist and counting all the bounties,   All so blithe in making memories.                         We are partners in crime and justice,           Turning each other’s distress into bliss.        Always there, and never amiss.                              We have our ways and are never afraid.   Whenever we ask permission to crusade.             Out in the field where the sky is black.          Because we always have each other’s back.        You are the believer of what my eyes see,            The diary of what my mind thinks,                       The auditor of what my ears hear,                         And the journal of what my heart feels.              You are the keeper of my life.                           Always there, always by my side.

Of all the things that I will miss,                         Your mirth is on top of the list.                             The sound of your contagious laugh.                      Is that of a loud maniac.                                        Your creative insults.                                         Always win by default.                                              Our sobriquets that you invented.                        Will never be neglected.                                        How you jest around and light up every room, Merrily giving joy in a clown costume.                 The following days that have yet to come.           Will not be the same once you have gone.            To that faraway place where your dreams lie in wait,                                                                             For you to reside there and continue to stay. Wherever you are, even in the distant northwest,                                                                                        Know that here, you are felt.                             Always there, and always blessed.

Along your destined path.                                      Lies the cold withdrawal of hands from your back.                                                                            The embers of our warmth will remain.             Just remember us and our shared days.                  I will miss your invitations to gallivant outside.    You are the firebrand,                                              Our scintillating guide.                                                It will not be the same quaffing liquor without you.                                                                              Like that of a translucent rainbow missing a hue.                                                                                         To come into your erstwhile abode is pointless. Because your absence there would make it lifeless.                                                                        And although you are in your new domain,          We will forever be the same.                             Always there, and never in pain.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Our inextricable bond is sacrosanct.                     Not even those who dare to attack.                       Can damage our concrete castle;                             We always win in every battle.                                The strength of our link is notorious.              Always there, always victorious.

For being the strong, loving, and purest person there is,                                                                         For all the lessons you’ve taught me through the years,                                                                             For being my companion in our mischiefs full of merriment,                                                                  For being my closest friend,                                    For all the elated revelries.                                      Full of warm memories.                                      Thank you for everything;                                        For existing and for staying here,                        Here in my heart,                                                Always there and never apart.


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