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Maybe you thought it’s time to give up on love.

You keep falling but it just doesn’t seem to work out.

You tried getting up just to get let down again.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

You look at others and you envy their love.

Everyone else seems to have so much of it, yet you don’t.

Now you’re getting ready to give up on the kind of love that you wish you have.

Those you see in the movies where they dance in the rain and kiss in the corner.

You just can’t seem to have that and you wonder why.

You look at your mirror and see a strong, independent, self-sufficient individual. But it still feels empty. Like there’s that void that you just don’t know how to fill.

Then out of nowhere, someone unexpectedly showed up.

The person gives you all of the things you wish you had with your previous lover and you find it difficult to believe that it’s being offered without you even asking for it.

You can’t seem to wrap your head around something beautiful cause you were used to confusion and blurred lines.

You want to believe that it will just fail, just like all the previous ones.

And you know that it only takes that bit of courage from you to accept the love of this chivalrous person.

With your head spinning, you took one step forward and quite surprisingly, you find peace and security.

All your maybes became certainties.

This is it. This is love.

The one you prayed for.

This second chance in love feels different because you know that this love is the one tailored especially for you.

This love feels sweeter and safer.

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