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This is probably a letter that you will never read; another of those unsent letters I have. As I am writing this, my mind is currently running in circles. It seems like I can’t get you out of my system. This is why I have decided to write you a letter, you may not be able to read it, but whatever I write here, came straight from my heart.

I want to say that I miss you. I miss you in the middle of the day when I pause doing what I’m doing. I miss you on nights that I don’t see you. I miss you when you’re out during events. I miss you when I can’t see you around the perimeter. I miss you, I miss you every day.

Whenever I look up the sky and see the stars, I always remember you. The way how you also love to look at the stellar, to talk about their beauty. I remember once I told you that if I tell someone “you are my sun, my moon, and all of my stars.”, he must be so lucky. And you asked if you were, but I just laughed. Although indeed, you were.

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There are so many things that I love about you. Your love for your mom and family, of course. Your broad horizons, your unbiased opinions, your way of thinking, your caring nature, your innate ability to make people laugh without any effort, the way you manage yourself during chaotic times, your talent to make me go silent during arguments. The list is endless. But above all of those, I love the way that you are.

Ever since I was younger, I have always been a firm believer of fate; it doesn’t matter how far or how long two people have been apart from each other, if they are meant to be, they will meet again. From my life’s experiences, there were many times that the universe has showed me how destiny works.

Recalling the day I met you for the first time, I would never have imagined that we will reach this point, that you will become one of the people who play a big part of my life. We may have known each other for only a few months now, but the impact you have on me is light years away.

I would like to believe that if red string of fate is indeed real, we are already connected by the string, but it became knotted during the process. Realising how certain I became when it comes to you, it felt as if I already met my person, but the timing is not quite right yet.

You are my person; the one I have been longing to find in this universe. After our first conversations, it truly felt as if I have found my match. The person I never thought existed was finally in front of me, looking at me intently with so much passion in his eyes.

To end this letter, I would like to say thank you — for making me see the bigger picture, for broadening my horizons, and for introducing me to new perspectives.

Thank you for making me realise that love is still a beautiful thing, that no matter how painful or complicated it can get, it is still incomparable.

Thank you for the nights that I never want to be ended, for the conversations we had from late evenings to early mornings.

Thank you for the moments when I felt you were mine, thank you for allowing me to hold you, even just for a short while. Thank you for waiting till I fall asleep before you leave, because I can’t bear the thought of seeing you walk away.

Thank you, my love. But you are not yet mine to hold forever.

If the universe crosses our paths again, I pray that we are then free from our past. No more chains holding us hostage, we are better versions of ourselves, and I can make you my sun.

We still have a lot to learn, so many roads to walk on, but I hope that at the end of the road, you are the one I will see.

Whatever happens, know that I will forever be grateful I met you.

I love you, my North star.


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