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To the first man who broke my heart (Kahit hindi naging tayo)

I know you are happy with your life now! And I wanna tell you, that’s all I want for you! I also know that it’s clear as crystal clear that we are over! and
I can’t do antything about it. That’s why acceptance must take place, I’m fine with it and continually praying for a complete healing.
You may be wondering why am I messaging you. As much as I wanna get over it,something’s keep on crossing my mind.
I can’t help but over think and couldn’t do anything but play guessing game.Sort of random questions coming out of my mind which
I do not know if there will be an answer or baka it’s better not answered and if there is, would I be able to take it? (It’s crazy’ing you know haha)
I dont know, Im s sick of “maybe this” and a lot of ‘maybe that”
I really don’t wanna bother you anymore!pero ayoko namang masiraan ng ulo hahaha.
So yeh. why? what happened? why did u stop(nakakita ka ba ng red n ilaw?) why have to eat words spoken (gutom ka ba haha)? why do I have to be left hung(damit ba ako).
Did you hate me? did you just realize one morning, ay! joke lang pala yun! dibaaa. Crazy’ing indeed! hahahaha.
Pero okay na ako! Pa okay na akooo. I just wanna know..sana..
One thing I am sure of, whatever your reason of stopping, hindi kita masisisi. I know I hold accountable for it. I wanna say Sorry too!
I hardly believe that there have been a reason why this have to happen. Why we met and have to be broken several times, tried to fight but still needed to end the battle.
But just because we ended the battle doesn’t we are deafeated. We are still victors! You found someone! <3 I am enjoying my singlehood still and inlove with my profession.
At the end of the day, It was a journey worth journeying! wish you all the best!


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