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In the Domain of Love words are powerless
For only silence can contain a love that is endless
Unfathomable by mere intellectual perception
Inconceivable to any mortal cognition

Language is but a barrier that dissolves in this domain
The place held sacred from any corporeal profane
Actions may point to its existence
Yet don’t mistake it for its essence

Love is not bound by need nor passion
Yet both of them to Love are in submission
It does not need condition for subsistence
Nor would it cease for any particular absence

Only the Beloveds’ beauty enraptures the Lover
The one to whom the Heart would surrender

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

What words can define this love?
For it transcends the skies up above ,
If only you knew this affection that I’ve spoken,
Your souls in deep slumber would have risen

It takes hold of the lovers heart
And binds him with his beloved sweetheart
It bewilders his eyes of the beloved’s beauty
And Imprisons his soul for all eternity

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