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When God created the world, He created man on the sixth day. He doesn’t want Adam to be alone, hence He created Eve for Him.

God does not want us to live and experience life all alone. He created us for each other. That is why family and friends exist. Relationship exists. No story sits by itself. Our lives connect like threads on a loom, interwoven in ways we never realize.

God will send people into your life, to change you, to break you and to make you.
But aside from family, friends, enemies, colleagues, acquittance or any kind of people in your life — God will send someone into your life, to love you unconditionally. To love you truthfully, whole heartedly, and eternally. To share and experience all the good and bad things in and about life with you, to make you smile, laugh, make you feel butterflies in your stomach, make you experience the wholeness of love and happiness, and to be there always with and for you, through happiness and sorrow. To be with you for a lifetime and to simply love you forever.
That is His greatest blessing that will come into your life.

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God will send you this blessing when He knows you are ready for him/her. When you were once broken and now fixed, or, He might send that person to fix you. God’s timing to send that someone will depend on His plan for you.
But when you do meet that person, when you receive His blessing, may you take care of it, be proud of it, and be its greatest keeper.

Your future together is yet to be known. In this adventure, even if your eyes are wide open, you cannot view what’s ahead — you can only close your eyes to see a picture. Hold on to that image, to that happy ever after you’re seeing with your once upon a time.
It will be a journey in the dark, your relationship will go through a lot. You will stumble into things that will make you feel different kinds of emotion – may you find light from each other. Be the light for one another.

Some will be with, and some will be against your relationship. It will be a fight between love and prejudice. May you stand proud and hold your ground, and fight for each other. People will manipulate you with their unfair opinion, make you turn against each other, or might even make you doubt about your love for one another. Steady and brave your heart. Be the strength and stay for one another, choose to be with each other.

Time will continue to move forward. Time will test your relationship. And time can also diminish your love.
Obstacles, hardships, challenges, sorrows and pain, will continue to come and go, and as they pass by, they will take a piece of you and break you.
Continue to build each other up, for you are built to be with each other. As you give pieces of yourself to one another, make new ones, using the promise of loving each other, and continue to do so, for it will strengthen up your bond, until you can no longer be broken. Hold on to your promise. To God’s promise.

We romanticize that love always looks like, happiness, sweetness, contentment, butterflies and sunshine. But love can be looked at in a lot of different ways. Love can be seen even and through chaos and turmoil — when it is whole and true, love will always prevail.

God’s greatest gift is love. And it is a great blessing that someone is out there destined for you — who will make you feel love, truthfully and whole.
When it is bestowed upon you, take care of it. For a God written love story can only happen and be given once in a lifetime.

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