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So here goes, he courted me for 4 years, we were in a relationship for 7 years, so technically, we’ve been together 12 years before the break up. We started soft, I mean, tago muna sa aprents coz I have to pass the board exams, nursing kasi ako. Eventually, all has fallen into place starting there. I had a job in a hospital, he graduated his second course, landed a job in a government. Along the way, we started to talk about the “future” we were suppose to have.

Time goes by, we had upgraded our relationship. Going into family occasions, casual going to each others’ houses for no reason, hatid-sundo, and anything you can think what a normal bf-gf does.

Then came pamdemic. I became sick, I amost died. My mother was crying outside the hospital, but yet he cannot come to me even though he has access to go to my city. Even visiting me in the hospital became a task for him. When I was brought home, he became distant. I don’t want to stress myself coz I just got out from the hospital. But from there, my world started to fall.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I got the courage to ask him, if anything was wrong, he said he’s just tired of work. I tried to understand it. Came a month of on and off communication, and hindi pagkikita. He finally said, we have to break up, coz he was seeing someone else and that they had sex, but he does not love her.

I tried to beg, knelt down and asked him to fix the relationship, crying out of my lungs, to keep the flame alive, but he said he is done. I mean, he courted me for many years, I thought I was the one he wanted, but no. I got depressed, lost a lot of weight that led me to become more sick. But I have to move on, even the pain of the break up is killing me everyday.

Before I went abroad, he cried while having lunch with me (I said my best regards to him since I heard he’s not doing well) and I said that I forgave him for everything that he has done. He cried even more sa restaurant. He said he’s sorry, and up ’til now(after 2 years na wala na kami) he left me a message saying he still loves me, and he will go back to me, in time, even though they already have a kid and he’s misersble without me. I smiled, not that I was happy that he’s feeling that, but i’m smiling coz I know, I remembered the time I begged him to stay, he opted to choose a life without me, and only now that I’m happy, and had moved on,  he is trying to enter again my life as if nothing happened.

Sorry, but no. I told him that he needs to live the life he chose, coz he left me at my worse, even if I was on the verge of taking my own life.

To thosee courting women or in a relationship right now, if you are not planning to marry that girl, better stop now. You are causing a pain that’s always gonna be haunting them that no one will understand, worse, cause them not to trust a man anymore. The purpose of dating is marrying, not gaslighting.

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