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As I gazed into your wonderful eyes, I suddenly felt this fear. Your voice is a sweet danger that captivates every innocent ear around you. In this cage, you are the most dangerous bird.
I can’t remember much of my journey all the way here. I just know that a big warm palm put me in this cage. There are other birds besides me in this place. I roamed around and look for a way out. While having my sightseeing in this unusual place, I saw a flock of birds gathering in one particular area. I find it weird because why would they stay and jam themselves in a corner when this cage is spacious. I went closer to them to found out what is the commotion about.
There, I saw a radiant bird. Its crimson red wings mixed with some black feathers, a pair of round wonderful eyes, and a lovely voice. How enchanting can a bird get? My wings automatically come closer to her voice that I did not even realize that I was once stepped away from that bird. Our eyes encountered each other..
I saw how attractive a bird can be..
The lovely bird was staring at me for a moment. Then, she invited me to have a talk. My eyes widened upon hearing her question. Without having any hesitation, I nodded.
As we talked, we shared some things about similar interests. We laughed while throwing some jokes. It was a fun talk.
We haven’t realized that the sun is going to sleep. We bid our goodbyes to each other. It was already twilight.
I looked at the bird for the last time..

I was shocked from what I saw..

What I saw is not a bird with crimson wings.. it was a bird with blue wings..

It was me..



Am I just talking to myself?

Is our conversation a lie? I can’t even process my thoughts clearly..

An enchanting bird that can catch everyone’s personality, a bird that can blend to the background and stand in the foreground. I wonder how she really felt when talking to me. If that bird is just showing an image that everyone’s projecting like a mirror. What lies beyond that looking glass? How dangerous can a bird be?

(First story in the Caged series)


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