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By: Sassa

Days are now passing by like a bullet,

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Even the weather changes its mood to distinct set.

Our connection faded slowly like a sunset

Don’t want to lose my crown, don’t really want to regret.

Lying now on a couch and staring at the ceiling

Thinking if you’re now, unscrew those feelings.

But why am I here and still crazily wondering?

If from the start I already knew and now felt bad for everything.

Colorful paintings attached on walls

Your name only my heart wants to call.

Please be my crown to complete me as a queen,

If that one day happen it feels like a lottery win.

It’s not the same fire between us

I’m sorry if you thought, that I’m different like the previous.

Just want to scattered so you can visualize that I am precious.

Hope one day you’ll see that my love for you is enormous.

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