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We both know that I let you go
Not because I want to,
But because I have to

We both know we have to separate our ways
Because there was no hope for us
Even a slightest chance to turn back the things
To where it used to be

I tried every way to get over you
I tried my best to forget you
‘Cause maybe, just maybe
My heart could move on..

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But why? Why is it so hard?
It should’ve have been more easy
Because I’m so damn mad at you
How can I love a man who couldn’t fight for me?

Tell me, how can I forget you?
How can I forget the love we once had?
How can I forget the memories we had together?
If every little things around me reminds of you

Funny how I thought loving someone else
Was the answer to my heart that’s aching
Funny how I always try to see you through him
When you can never and will never be the same

Every night I still wonder,
Have you been drinking?
Do you still watch our favorite TV series?
Do you still wear the wrist watch I gave you?

Because the last time I saw you,
You were still wearing it
And it makes my heart so happy
And I know its wrong

After all those pain
After all the tears I cried
After breaking my heart and trust
Why am I still longing for your love?

How is it possible
That only you can tear me apart
And that still, only you can make me feel alright

Why do I found my heart still holding on?
And the more I ignore this feelings
The more my heart want to chase after you

At the end of the day,
My mind still thinks of you
And I hate it
Because every time I miss you,
I find myself crying
And though these eyes put up a fight
These tears always win
And I can’t stop it

Because undeniably, since you were gone
This heart of mine never felt home again
And I know I have to make my mind alright
I have to forget you

I told you I’m done chasing after you
I’m done begging for your love
I’m done understanding your decisions in life
And I should continue leaving my life
Without you..

Yes, this is the right thing to do
To forget everything about you
Convincing myself that I don’t need you
Tell myself I don’t love you anymore

And I may be lying to myself
But atleast these tears will slowly be gone
My mind wont be thinking of you
This heart of mine will slowly forget you
Though you own a big part of my life
That no one can ever steal..

You were my great four years
And my great heartache..

We were once together
But not meant to be together..

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