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“My Heart Now is Stronger, Better and Beautiful”

You’ve waited for so long for this statement to be uttered with joy and confidence. All you’ve been through was never easy. You’ve been from a long journey full of tears, pain and frustrations; yet, you never grew weary and managed to conquer with God.

There are no heartaches anymore as you look back from your cumbersome past. The bitterness for someone who caused you pain is already gone. You are now healed by God’s grace. You are now free from the bondage of devastation. Your heart was broken into million pieces but God made it whole again.You are never beyond healing. You are never too broken for restoration.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Your heart now is stronger; stronger enough to forgive, stronger enough to pray for that someone who deeply hurt you, stronger enough to love again. With a smile on your face, you welcome each morning with strength that comes from above.

Your heart now is better. It is better in every decision that it makes. You are more careful this time in protecting your heart from pain that might occur again. You are now careful enough to whom you invest your time, effort and feelings with. Your heart now better understands the will of God for you.

Your heart now is beautiful. Your brokenness turned out to be beautiful for you let God do the mending. Your heart now desires to love Jesus more. You Entrusted now your heart to Him and He will surely take care of it. He will keep it guarded, protected and nurtured. He is making your heart the most beautiful thing about you.

Your heart will never be the same again. Praise God for your heart now is stronger, better and beautiful.

Keep this kind of heart as you wait for someone God has prepared for you.

You were made to be loved by a heart full of love, faith and prayers.

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