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Am I looking at the wrong place?

When will my time come? They say there’s plenty of fish in the sea, but why am I not catching any?


While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Those are the questions currently running through my mind, Everybody’s falling in love, settling down, everybody’s getting married, and here I am, watching and being happy for them. Got my mind thinking, When will my turn come?



Why is it hard to look for consistency, commitment, love, trust, and loyalty nowadays?.I

s it wrong to be a date to marry guy in this generation?

You’ll get a lot of comments saying, “ang choosy mo kasi kaya di ka nag kakajowa” but is it wrong choosing peace?

Is it wrong keeping my guard up? Is it wrong choosing not to waste my time, effort, and love for a person that you are not sure if you’ll both work?



In this current hook up generation, it really is hard to look for pure genuine relationship, the one who does not settle with the bare minimum. For I know it is more than that.It is more than the grand gestures we see on K-Dramas or movies or TV series.


In the end, I always got my answer to this one beautiful verse.

“When the Time Is Right I, the Lord Will Make It Happen”

– Isaiah 60:22


Some of you might be doubting yourself why am I struggling with this or that, but please know that all of the struggle, the waiting time, the self doubts, the overthinking nights will be worth it.

I believe someday you’ll be the happiest while saying “Thank God I waited”.

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