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They say the unexpected, love is one of the beautiful kind of love because you get the astonished feelings and everything happens so suddenly and there’s a lot of questions in mind. WHY? HOW? WHEN? WHERE? And those questions always triggered yourself until you find the right answer. 😍

BUT you felt that love in a wrong time because he had someone that he dreams of in a long time he put so much time and effort to pursue that person and he changes everything to himself. Suddenly you will realize that you can’t do anything to the person who’s already seen someone that he can call love. 😔💔I wish I was her. I tried everything and forget my worth, but still I failed. 👎 The pain of being in love with someone you can never be is the darkest and saddest part of love. 🖤🔪 So I choose to be silent and walk away to stare you from afar. 🌕I’m praying that she can give you the right love that you deserve. I know everything happens for a reason. 💯

Thank you for being a good one for me. I always appreciate everything to you. I will pray for your happiness and peaceful life. I hope that someday both of us will find the love and happiness that we deserved. You are the love that came without warning. Please be safe, always my unexpected love in a wrong time. 😊🖤💔

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