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To my girlfriends who are struggling with their unstable emotions, please take time to read this one.

Never depend your happiness to someone who doesn’t see your worth as a woman. Dapat pinahahalagahan ka.

Never depend your emotional purity being fulfilled with their soft, kindhearted, sweetness overload and pitfall words. Mas magandang ginagawa at nakikita mong may effort kaysa naman sa puro salita na wala namang kahulugan.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Never depend your identity to achievement, fame, position, money, personal relationship, career development, or toxic people who doesn’t help you to be a woman of Christ. Ito ang mga bagay na hinding-hindi makakapagbigay sayo ng contentment.

Never depend your standards based on the norms you see right now. Social media will always fool you para maghangad ng maganda, maayos at perpektong buhay. But, it will only be an illusion. May sariling standards si LORD.

Never depend your security to something that is not worth having. It will only leave you broken and empty.

Never depend your own definition of beauty to be distorted. It is stated in the bible that we are all fearfully and wonderfully made, setting someone’s perfect korean-skin- appearance might distort your image of beauty based on God’s standard.

Never depend your joy on fleeting, immoral, and undefined relationship. God’s timing is always perfect. Keep on waiting and pursuing what is the best for you and never ever settle for “pwede na”.


Never ever depend your value to someone who fails to see your worth. God sees you already worthy, please have a personal relationship with Him so you will encounter what i have encountered din as well.

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