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Dearest Warrior,

Do you really think you can’t do better in choosing a person to be in a relationship with?

Do you really think you do not have the ability to have a healthy relationship outside your ex?

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Do you really think she(your ex) is worth it in the first place?

Do you really think this person even satisfies your emotional needs?

Do you really think this person is capable of sustainable commitment?

Do you really think that this person is the best you can have in the long run?

If not, why are you settling?
Why are you crying?
Why are you regretting someone that doesn’t even fit your standards?
Why do you allow someone the authority to hurt you?
To save them? To fix them in their brokenness? Dude, you are not her parents. It is not your job to fix someone that is broken in the first place.

If she does not realize what you offer to the table, then the best thing to do is just leave. Take it or leave it.

Be whole again on your own and when you are ready…add value to someone else.

Complement someone else. Someone na buo, someone that doesn’t need you. Someone who simply respects you. She has a life of her own the same way you have your own. Someone that respects your boundaries and for you to respect theirs.

Someone that adds value to you, effortlessly.
Not love bombing you with emotions but simply affirming that your journey is valid. That you have your battles and she has hers. That you are not there to save her from it, but to simply help each other conquer the other person’s battles.

Cause dude, that’s the woman you really prayed for.

You pray that she is beautiful. You pray that she is submissive. You pray that she is kindhearted and mindful of your emotions. You pray that she is high value. You pray that she is strong, but respects your authority. You pray that she is intelligent and that you both have the same wavelengths of intellect. You don’t beg for the other person’s understanding. You don’t need extraterrestrial intellect to understand the other because deep inside, you had a connection.

She is your other half.

The complement that God gave.

Do your best to meet her standards, even before you meet her.

Do your best while waiting.

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