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I woke up in some living room in NYC. Sprawled in a sofa with your lips… on mine.

Lucid dreaming, I find myself wonderin’… who you were… why were you kissin’ me… who’s house am I in… and why were you acting like… a bouyfriend.

Questions stampede my mind as I try to find the answers to all of ’em q’s. Scenes from a dream flood my vision. I was only watching you on screen last night but here you are, with me… cozy in our home.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Our home!?

In the dream, everything I see, seem … in the future! You and I… in NY! True to who we are. Captive to each other’s… love and of each other’s desires. Hidden from the world. Just you and I. Livin’ our best moments… to.ge.ther. Are we secretly married?!  

As the dream goes, I’m investigating. 😄 I can’t believe I’m in a situation that I don’t even know who I’m portraying. Am I your GF or am I your wife?! Are we just lovers or are we married?! Why are we under the same roof?! Why does the house look like ours?! Ugh, this labyrinth is killing me! Argh! 🤭

The next morning, I awoke with your name waving at me… lounging at the café… of my inbox. 📩

A private message! Aaahhh, yes, what a coincidence… or wasn’t it?!

I just got off with you from a dream… now, you are in my real world! What kind of sorcery is this? 🤯

You literally just walked into my dream straight into my… real life! Skeptical and baffled, my thoughts on stampede mode as I… as I opened the 💌.

Do you still recall the first words you spoke… on our first meet? Said, you’ve been checkin’ up on my social pages… for awhile. You had to create a private account to get in touch… with your fans… directly.

Said, you feel connected to me. You wanted it… to be me.

Oozing with self-assurance, you had to ask for a… favor. (After a thousand questions from me about your past history, yeah!) 🤭

Said, “I have feelings for you, can we do something… about it?!”

Picking up the pieces of my jaw, I thought this was a… prank!

I had to ask for all proofs you could give me and you were so patient and kind to deliver them.

So it’s you!

It’s really you!

Aaahhh, some say you are a Casanova. Little do they know… when you are with me in our private paradise. How did you get me tangled up in this hushed…

love story?!

I woke up in some living room in NYC… sprawled in a sofa with your lips…

on mine.

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May you find yourself between the lines.

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