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This year.
Let me just miss you.
Let me just love you.
Let me just cherish our happy thoughts.
Let me just feel the pain of your goodbye.
and let me just hope for us this year.
Because next year it’ll be different.
Next year, it’ll be over..
Next Year..
Next year I’m gonna let go
Let go of the pain I had from you.
That pain from the heartache.
That pain from my unrequited love.
That pain from your unexpected goodbye.
Next year.
I will no longer hold back.
I will no longer look back.
I will no longer torment myself from all the what ifs that we could’ve been.
I will no longer cling the to the thought of us.
Next year,
I will forget about you.
I will forget of how you made feel.
I will forget of how I felt of you.
I will forget that once there was you.
Next year,
Next year, I won’t be scared
I will open myself up even more
I will risk again
I will love again
Yes, I will love again!
Next year!
Next year, I’ll love myself again.

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