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Sitting at the mountain top while watching the city lights and the stars in the dark night sky.

Suddenly, I saw a star falling from the sky.

Something inside my head whisper to me,
“Promise me that you will pull me back everytime I want to go far away from you”.

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Yes, it came from you.

Then I ask myself a million times for the first time.

“Do I still love you?”

“Or am I just missing you?”

“Will my promise to you fall down like that star?”

“Will I let fate to decide our destiny?”

“Do you still remember me when you see the moon and stars?”

“Is there someone new who make you fall under the stars again?”

Maybe yes? I am not the one whom you remember anymore every time you see those city lights, stars, and moon.

And as I stare at the moon, one question jumped in my mind.

“Do I still need to give my one last shot?”

Maybe, for me to feel at peace.

“What If it still doesn’t work?”

Then it is time for me to let go. I will keep moving forward, and let the universe surprise me.

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