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If you suddenly click on this post then you are just like me wondering how in your 20’s that you are still single since birth.

“I hate my parents of being so strict on my relationships”

“Am I that unattractive?” 

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

“Am I boring?”

“Am I too career-oriented?”

” Why did she reject me?”

These thoughts often linger in your head like a bullet waiting to be fired, then you scroll into hundreds of profiles on bumble or tinder just to experience what it’s like to be loved.

I am just like you, wondering if destiny is real, or the love songs that I have listen be experienced by myself, but let me tell you something being single since birth is just as normal as being in a countless relationship, you don’t need to find someone just to prove your worth, you need to find it by yourself, and yeah…. you can blame your parents for being strict in not letting you to be in a relationship, but you also need to blame yourself on why you are single. Maybe you choose to remain being single, or maybe sometimes you are just afraid in taking a risk with someone or maybe you don’t want to change. You must really know the root cause why you are single then deal with it.

I believe there’s nothing wrong with being single–and being a virgin–when you’re in your 20s, 30s, 40s, even 50s. Because I am certain these are the times that you need to invest in yourself, finding your passion, and creating something remarkable, and all of you can do that without relying on a partner cheering you on and text you that “I love you”.

Kaya to those people out there that are single since birth please embrace it, because I have seen my friends suffer in a relationship, let us not rush to find someone because once the right one comes it will come in the most unexpected way possible.



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