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It’s really a miracle to have him. Maybe because of time, circumstances or chances that could draw a line between our paths. He’s just a dream that somehow life could make it real, but our hearts are not yet connected.

Can’t figure it out if I do really have the chance on him. I know God doesn’t allow us to meet people without purpose, or maybe he’s just a saving grace for me not to continue loving the wrong one. My heart’s a bit confused, whether to push through and believe in what I really feel or just to back off and let go.

That one beautiful day, he gave me a forever within numbered minutes and I’m grateful. Handed to me my most favorite yellow tulips with the sweetest cake in town. I’ve never felt that special that led to sending those yellow notes to cheer him up and to beaten the stressors of life. He always laughed on my small gestures of caring. Maybe he thinks I was just playing jokes or some sort of making fun but it wasn’t.

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Because if it was, it wouldn’t feel this way.

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