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It’s been a year since I decided to built my walls between us. When I decided to shut this craziness I feel inside. When I stopped thinking of us being together.
It’s been a year when I stopped chasing for freedom hoping you’ll catch me but I failed. It is when I realized what I am to you and how unworthy I am to save you from your own darkness. Damn, I already knew that this will never gonna work. You’re an ice I’m a fire. You are heaven and I’m hell. You are a grenade and I’m a fucking bomb.
But there you are again, smilling at me like nothing-happens-between-us. And I started to feel again this longing of being with you. Because you are my freedom. You are my escape. And only you can look the real monster in me without hesitation.
It’s been a year, and now I see your smile again I felt a strong sigh of relief. You’ll always be my strength and weakness no matter what.

Destiny may not give us a chance to love each other but you’ll always be my only escape.

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