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It was a rainy afternoon when we first met. We were both soaking wet because of the heavy rain. You smiled at me first so I smiled back. You told me your name and then asked for mine. How could I ever forget the first time I met someone so nice?
We became friends as time went by, the happiness you brought to me I couldn’t deny. You saved up lots of courage when you confessed one day. You wanted to date me and I definitely agreed. We were so happy since then, we were doing just fine. Years later, we started to plan our future together.
I’m now walking the aisle, frightened of what might happen next. You came closer to me as we hugged each other tight. Then you went to your post. I was standing a few meters away from you. You looked straight into my eyes as tears fell down from your eyes. I burst into tears when I heard the question “Do you accept this man to be your husband?” A moment of silence then I heard my best friend say “I do.”

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I am always passionate when it comes to writing. I started writing at a young age, the aftermath when I became fond of reading books. Growing up, what I usually carry inside my bag became my solace; an ordinary pen and a notebook which comes out as my handy buddy because words and ideas could pop up anytime. Instead of bottling my emotions inside, I decided to write the things which I couldn’t tell anyone else. As of now, I am working as an Assistant Teacher, though it’s a full time job, I can still write poetry, short stories, and novels. Last year, I was able to self-publish my first book Behind These Words: Poetry and Prose and my first novel A Chance to be Loved, a gift of satisfaction to myself, both are available for purchase on Amazon. Aside from writing, I’m also fascinated about traveling, photography, and painting. One thing which keeps my passion for writing burning is the fact that there are some people out there who are motivated to write because I always make sure to share to others my motivation why I keep on writing; no matter what happens, never let your ink dry and just keep on writing.