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It’s not realistic if I say I moved on with that span of time. The truth is I don’t fake my emotions, I don’t laugh just to cover all the hurt, I laugh because there’s a lot of things to laugh at, there’s a moment of crying, there’s a moment to be happy.

The love I poured will never be a waste, my efforts, my time and all that I gave will never be called “sayang” because I don’t obligate a person to give back the same amount of love I give.

From all the heartbreaks I heard and been, nothing will change the kind of love I have. I learn to hold on, let go and move on, and life must go on even if you’re not here anymore.

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Ngl because it hurts. It hurts still, but I’m facing it fearlessly, with all courage, I’m facing a day without you–counting steps I make away from you. However, I can’t unlove you forcedly, but I’m willing to go on the process until such time I can finally say, I don’t have feelings for you anymore.

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