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Funny how people with a pure and good intentions always lose in love. Palagi silang nata-take for granted. All they want is someone who can love them despite of all their imperfections, but hindi nagiging gano’n yung outcome.

Palagi na lang yung mga taong clear ang intentions ang nagsu-suffer, they’re willing to take risk but they’re not the one who’s worth the risk. Minsan, they’re willing to fix you but sila rin madalas yung nababasag.

But that’s life, sometimes hindi nangyayari yung mga bagay na according sa plano natin. But most importantly, ano pa man ang mang-yari, stay genuine and pure. Just wait and the table will turn, time will come and they will realize kung ano ‘yung nawala sa kanila. In the end, we are the winners, kasi pure and good intentions ang ipinakita natin sa kanila. They will never find another like us.

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Time will come na may tatanggap at may magre-reciprocate ng love natin without asking it for them. Stay Genuine, Stay to your pure intentions.

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