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Often, we find it hard to reconcile with our imperfections. We try to hide our insecurities behind the rugs of false confidence. We try to conceal our weary hearts with forced love. We try to bury our haunting thoughts, in practiced smiles and nod, leaving us exhausted and lost by the time the sun gives way to the dark.

In the bosom of the night, it is easier to come out vulnerable. Frustrations dig their tallons deep within the veins, in which so often, sleep cannot even beat. We list our imperfections like unwanted parts of what we refuse to be made up, but then again we fall back realizing that editing imperfects isn’t always successful.

How tiring it is to try and try again. So draining it is to do and fail and repeat. If we’re looking at one distorted lens, we might interpret our blemishes as something that makes us less, but we’re all bent if not broken people. We all have cracks and spills, quirks and cheers, all perfectly intertwining in making the best we can be.

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Just as the seed needs both the sun and the rain, the dark and the light, to be burried and to grow, so does our soul needs our perfects and flaws to make us someone with potential to grow. If it is too dark around and you’re at risk of losing your own self, take it as if you are just planted not burried. Grow, and embrace every parts of you, yet not forsaking the urge to get better one step at a time. No need to hide those insecurities, you’ve got friends to talk to, friends to empower you, family to support you, and God who so lovingly cares for you. No need to conceal the weary heart, God is our comforter and rest. Those hunting thoughts, all those nightmares, they don’t need to be silenced all the time, they need to be surrendered to the One who understands our thoughts more than anyone can. On your way to being authentic, you’ll find places and people that will show you how to appreciate the uniqueness you have.

Our blemishes sometimes demand to be shown, because they are part of who we are. It will take courage to step up with new conviction, but what matters is that you are stepping up. If ever you will not be able to arrive at places and people that will open their arms to welcome you as who you are, may you fall back perfectly to our safety pin- God’s loving, comforting, unfathomable embrace.

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