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Nowadays, relationship status seems to define someone as a person. For some, being single is a blessing or a curse. Some were ashamed of their status. And that feeling shrinks confidence. Some were told of being choosy and having high standards. And the trendy phrase “sana all” is their expression of enviousness. Being single is totally normal. Like the seasons of the year, we all need to go through it. But don’t worry it changes and it ends. 

Here are the things on how to embrace  singleness:


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Prayer makes you closer to God. And the more closer you are the more you will grow in love with Him, and that brings fulfillment. In your singleness don’t try to find fulfillment everywhere because you’ll just find it nowhere. 

In your prayer, ask God for protection to always guard your heart, as everything you do, flows from it and temptation is a battleground. Ask for strength to put your unruly wills and affections in order. Ask for wisdom as emotions are deceitful and foolish. Pray for comfort in the midst of loneliness. Courage to follow His desires and pluck out yours. Patience and self- control to fight your impulsive behavior.And ask God to show you how to live this season that pleases Him.

Pray  unceasingly and let God be the author of your love story.


Patient waiting does not come naturally to most of us. Waiting silently is the hardest thing of all in the season of singleness but God’s grace is sufficient. Waiting on God requires the willingness to bear uncertainties and unanswered questions then casting them to Him. 

You may ask, Lord how long must I wait? He won’t give you a specific answer, He’ll just tell you, “Never mind child, wait on me.”

Time and patience are such key elements to follow the way God intends you to go.

While waiting, pursue your passions, chase your dreams, make time for your hobbies. 

Seek God.Serve God.

Be more concerned of being the right woman, the one, rather than searching the right man,the one. 


Trusting God demands submission to His authority. It’s simply saying these four words: “Thy will be done.” 

I know it is difficult to trust God in the midst of heavy silence, uncertainties and unanswered questions where there are no signs, steps and voices. But “Those who trust in the Lord will not be disappointed” (Peter 2:6)

Don’t listen to the promptings of the flesh.

How can God work His will in you if you are clogged with your own wishes? Leave the planning to God. 

Don’t pester Him with questions about WHEN and HOW and WHY because His only answer  is “TRUST ME”.


In prayer you develop relationship with God and that makes you wait and trust Him. And by patiently waiting, you develop mature character that produces hope. Hope that will never disappoint you.

Don’t anchor your hope in the world, instead in His word.Hope in God because He has good plans for you. Keep hoping for the His perfect time.

Singleness is the season wherein God teaches you to hope for the best and not just settle for less.

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