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Perks of being single and why being single is not boring

Just a point of view :*

1. You can spend as much time as you want with your friends without feeling guilty
(Di mo na kelangan mag paalam, at mag antay ng consent HAHA!)

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

2. You can have adventures with new people without having to explain the story about how you met.
(Go and sieze and live the life you want!)

3. You don’t have to be anybody beside yourself and you are free to figure out who that is, however and whenever you want.

4.You can go out and exchange numbers with anyone, anytime and anywhere
(Meet new people, date who you want, when you want)

5. You can save more money on literally everything.
(You can buy anything you want!)

6. You don’t have to hide hanging out with other people from the opposite sex — especially coworkers.
(No one will get jelous, no fights)

7. You don’t have to explain why you came home late
(Go home what time you want to)

8. Never experiencing lengthy deliberations about what to eat for dinner. It’s hard to hold discussions on an empty stomach, especially when its growls are drowning out the sound of your significant others’ voice.
(As a single person, if you want pizza, boom, you get pizza)

9. The option of doing whatever you please, whenever you desire is there. Obviously you can do things even in a relationship, but spontaneous trips or impromptu invites out can be attended without someone uncomfortably frowning upon your choice.

10. There’s no worrying about who’s attending their girl’s/guy’s night, why they haven’t text back, or if you should be concerned.
(Go get that party!)

11. You can follow any scantily clad, completely inappropriate individual on Instagram/Twitter and not be questioned or criticized.
(Jelousy sucks man)

Enjoy your freedom! You can be sad sometimes but keep in mind that self love is the best love 🙂 your perfect match will come, in God’s perfect timing! Smile and live the life you want! Spread the love~

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