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I know it’s cruel. It’s cruel to want to hurt someone you loved the way they hurt you. To have a numb heart and be cold towards then just so you could show them how much they hurt you. But is it worth it?

In the and, you’ll regret it. When you get driven away by an emotion, then it slowly dictates your actions.

Is it really worth the fight for? Is the relationship really worth the saving? What if the same thing happens again? Kasi masasaktan nanaman ako and that’s what hurts. Kahit na sobrang masakit na, i have to force a foolish smile that’s enough to convince anyone im okay. But truthfully, sometimes, i dont want you to convinced. Yes, i put up a facade. Yes, i laugh my problems off. Yes, i say i dont need help. But i do.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Please see through my fake smile. Please notice the change in my forced laugh. Please feel the sense of pain from my problem when i joke it off.

You can see through it all. But what do you do? As usual, nothing.

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