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1. Be a gentleman. Class and character says a lot.
2. Let her choose where she want’s to eat. But be firm where to eat if she can’t decide where.
3. Try to make her laugh, or at least make her smile. Sense of humor is your ace.
4. Ask her things she normally doesn’t hear. Like, “anong mangyayari kapag nag laban ang manok na pula at pabo?”
5. Compliment her, she at least went out with you. So, she obviously prepared herself for your date.
6. Never talk about her past relationship, if the topic arise, listen and don’t judge. She doesn’t know you too well, so be grateful that she even open that up to you.
7. Let her order first, yes you might be starving, but believe in the saying “ladies first.”
8. Lead her when walking. But be careful where you place your hand. Gentle hold on her back is okay, lower than her back is not.
9. Make eye contact when you talk. When she speak, look her in her eyes, nod, smile but don’t make face. You are talking to a lady, not a baby.
10. Pay the bill, if she insist to pay it, respectfully refuse. If she push to split the bill, gently push back. If she still insist do agree. But take just 20% of her money.
Note: some ladies prefer to split the bill even on a first date. They’re looking for a partner not a sugar daddy.
11. Be genuine and be comfortable, she’ll feel if you’re not. It’ll be awkward for both of you.
12. Ask her about her day, how is her work, her interest, her goals and her hobbies. Let her know you are really interested to know her.
13. If possible, walk her home. If she had fun, she’ll seal the night with a kiss on the cheeks. Or a beso. If you could, drive her home. If she have a car, walk her to her car. If she commutes, walk with her to the station.

Remember, it’s okay to be happy and excited. But always keep your cool. Dating is different from courtship. Enjoy every dates you’ll have, and when both of you are ready, she’ll let you court her. #forthesemigwapo #manupsemipogi #semilang #beconfidentbother