To move on is not easy. Most of the time we tend to keep ourselves busy to forget what happened for a certain time.

But being busy doesn’t mean you’re moving on.

You’re just ignoring the pain for a moment. But at the end of the day, when you’re alone and your friends are gone, you get back from where you started.

You thought that the wound is somehow fading but remembering the pain you felt is actually worst than it happened.

Then you run to God, praying to remove the pain every single day. In every moment you feel it, He understands. Remember, Jesus felt it too. He went through the process of absolute pain and He even asked the father to take it away from Him even before it happened. But He understood that it was necessary.

Jesus may not come down from heaven and remove the pain instantly but trust Him, He knows that you have to go through the process.

Because it is necessary for you to grow and become stronger even how cliche it may sound. Be brave because He’s with you saying that you have to acknowledge, accept, and embrace the pain.

Face it! Don’t run from it. You’ll realize the pain is giving up on you. And one day, you’ll wake up knowing that it left you already.