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I’ll show you I’m happy

But truly I’m sad

I’ll show you I didn’t care

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

But truly I’m mad

I’ll say I’m okay

But then again, I’m not

Don’t want you to worry

So I’ll pretend I’m happy

I’ll smile and be lively

I’ll even throw out a party!

Don’t wanna be hurt

So I’ll restrict myself from being true 

All I want to say is I Love You

But you won’t say I Love You Too

Forget about the feelings, that’s what I’ll do

If its the only way to be with you

Pretend to be just your friend

Even if I wanted more than friends will do

Great at pretending

Well, it’s just me loving

Can’t help falling

You’re just so mesmerizing

Will you stop smiling?

It keeps my jaw dropping

Guess I won’t stop pretending

This is my way of showing

My love for you without you noticing

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