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I wish you’re okay now, I know telling you I am sorry won’t be enough to ease the pain you felt when I turn my back. I know I am selfish for leaving you behind, trying to fix myself and looking for happiness for my selfish desire. But still I want to say sorry for everything that I’ve done to you to feel this pain. I’m sorry for not giving you the love that you deserve. I am sorry I couldn’t keep my promises. I’m sorry I was never the man you wanted me to be. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there with you. I knew from the start that I should have not dated you, for I know that I have not move on from the wounds and pain of the past. I rushed running into your life with a baggage hoping that things will change, I tried to run, hide, and fight to survive but the ghost of my past keeps hunting me down. Because of my foolish action I made some decisions without thinking the outcome and ended up hurting the woman who only want is to love and to be loved.

I wish for you to find a man who will look at you and treat you like a Queen. A man who will love you unconditionally. A man who will never give up on you during your darkest moments. A man who can make you laugh with all your heart. A man who makes every effort to make you feel so special. A man who is willing to love you and a man who is capable of exceeding the love that you deserve. I wish for you to find a man who knows that having you is the best thing that happen in his life and will never let you go. I wish for your happiness and your success in life. I will pray to God to give you the desire of your heart. Because you deserve to get the most out of it.

I just want you to know that you are so beautiful. Don’t give up on the idea of a man who will look at you and treat you like a Queen, because I know somewhere out there, there is a man who will give you the love that you deserve, the man who’ll keep his promises, the man who’ll stay with you and will never turn his back away. Take your time, and don’t rush looking for the right man. Learn to love yourself and all your imperfections, because in the eye of the right man everything about you will always be perfect. Life will not be easy, life will try to knock you down stand back on your feet, don’t give up, keep fighting, do your best to and keep going, because I know you’re strong, you’re smart, and a fighter. We may not be meant to be together and maybe that’s okay because I know you deserve a man much better than a jerk who makes you cry. You deserve a man who makes you cry not because of sadness but a man who makes you cry because of happiness.

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