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I hope whenever you see the moon
You remember me always asking you
Can you see the moon there?
It’s so bright, beautiful isn’t it?

I hope whenever you’re looking up
And see the stars you think of me
You’ll smile and remember how I tell you
There are no stars here, how about there?

I hope whenever you hear the thunder,
You saw the lightning and feel the cool breeze
You’ll remember me who always say
Did it rain there? It’s raining here today

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I hope whenever you see the sun in the morning
You’ll remember what you always say to me
Let the sun shines on you in the morning
It will make you healthy and happy

I hope you’ll remember the greetings
You used to send good mornings
While I greet and send you good nights
I’ll miss those greetings for sure

I hope you’ll remember those days we shared
The moments we asked each other if we’re sleepy
Because I remember each and every events
And I’ll treasure those shared memories in my heart

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