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Have you ever loved someone so much that you learn to understand their silence? – his pain and his unspoken truths. When he keeps his distance because he wants to heal his wounds, not the ones you made, but the ones brought by his circumstances and challenges in life.

Take heart my dear. He is in his season. The season of discovering more of God’s love, and faithfulness.He wants you to understand that he has to grow alone, mend his wounds alone, and walk his faith alone. Having you there is a gift but a one on one talk with God is what he needed in this moment.

Take this : Despite of the great waves of emotions he has to face please know that he needs you to hear his heart.

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He needs you- a woman of faith and prayer. Someone who would be there to pray for him despite of his situation being unknown to you and his emotions unrevealed.

He needs you- a woman of strength and sensitivity. Someone strong enough to trust him and his love for you in moments of silence. For silence never existed to create distance, it is a form of language only few can master. Be sensitive enough to feel his pain. Give him time to heal but never give up on making him feel you’re there for him.

He needs you- a woman that believes and practices 1 cor 13. Someone who can give a love that is pure in words and actions. A person who doesn’t change affection because of a change in season. Someone who always trust,alwasy hopes,and always perseveres.

Be there for him my dear even in quietness. Someday it will all make sense. On the day he get through his season, he will tell you his pain and victories with a smile, he will share it with you with his heart pounding on his chest with excitement.

Stop quarelling with your thoughts and emotions. Trust the person,the process and the God behind everything.

Respect his silence.Respect his season. I’m sure he loves you but there are some battles he must face alone.

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